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Steps Designing Your Home Theatre

Today, you can find home entertainment through a variety of screens and devices. Whether you’re streaming Netflix on your laptop, enjoying a movie in the media room on your 4K TV, or catching the game on your phone, access to entertainment has never been easier with endless options.

We’re undoubtedly…

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5 Ways Home Automation Will Improve Your Life

Like most homeowners, you might struggle to find the time to balance family life with work. But with an automated home, you can maximize time with your loved ones while increasing your home’s security and enjoying streamlined features.

Imagine controlling all the fine details in your house: lighting,…

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Learning Speaker Shoptalk

Home speaker systems run the gamut from modest to marvelous, and the prices do too. So it's important to be comfortable with their performance and understand how they differ as you work your way up the price scale. You and your new speakers will be together for a long time and enjoy many types of music, so be sure to look for the characteristics that give you…

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Control4 Named Automation Brand Leader

Smart, convenient, secure, and brimming with "wow"-factor entertainment solutions—these are some of the most desirable features that homeowners look for when upgrading their home or shopping for a new one. Whether you are looking for a solution that meets some (or all) of those desires, look no further than Control4.

Control4 is a the smart home brand you can trust. In an…

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