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Take command of your home

You’ll be able to control multiple home entertainment and technology systems with a single user-friendly interface. Tired of the all the remotes you have laying around your living room? A single elegant touch pad can easily replace those remotes, or any of your mobile digital devices can control your home systems from anywhere in the world.

With your device, you can program a variety of lifestyle scenarios to fit the flow of your day. Create an “Away” setting that will set back HVAC settings and turn off all lights, music and TVs when nobody’s home. Program a “Party” setting that will set mood lighting and broadcast music through whatever rooms of your house that you desire. The possibilities are endless and entirely up to you.


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Command your home with your voice

Voice control is the perfect addition to any home, especially if circumstances make simple tasks like turning on a light more difficult than usual. It can be anything from having a cast on your leg to having full load of laundry to carry. With voice control, your home will be willing to help make your life a little easier! Voice control won’t overrule other inputs however, so you will still be able to use switches, phones or remotes to interact with your smart home subsystems. Our voice control systems will be installed throughout your home so that you can be in control from anywhere in your house! Bring your home into the future with Voice Control from Audio Visual Integration!

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